About us

Technology Enhances Life

Who we are

TaoTronics is the flagship brand of the Sunvalley Group. We strive to develop new and innovative products that not only make our customers' lives easier but also more beautiful. We focus day-to-day on turning the latest technology into easy-to-use devices. We are building a strong presence in 7 countries including the US, UK, Japan and Germany. We have sold over 10 million products worldwide.

Our products

With the products from TaoTronics, your own home becomes more than smart! It becomes more livable and lovable. Household helpers for a better room climate, kitchen appliances for more enjoyment and smart lamps for a better perspective show how intuitive technology enriches life. For on the go, the innovative headphones from TaoTronics offer great music enjoyment, best intelligibility and noise suppression exactly where they are needed.

Our team

Our team is constantly striving to create exceptional products that improve everyday life.

Our promise

Our commitment to providing high quality articles with great user experiences at a fair value for money has been recognized and praised in a number of top tech media publications. We are pleased that you are visiting our webshop and hope that our products not only enrich your life but also make you happy.

Our vision

Our vision grew out of the belief that advances in consumer and home electronics are limitless. What drives us are innovations and technological trends that we make available to our customers with our products.