So verbessert Ihr im Winter das Raumklima in Eurem Zuhause

How can you improve the indoor climate in your home in winter?

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Winter time is heating time. When it gets cold outside, we turn on the radiators inside and make ourselves really comfortable. However, a cozy and warm living room is not only cozy - it is also expensive and potentially unhealthy. We give tips on what to watch out for in terms of temperature and humidity and how you can get through the winter healthier.

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What is the recommended room temperature?

First of all, it is important to find the right temperature settings in winter. Incidentally, these not only determine your well-being, but also possible cost savings - because every degree less saves valuable heating energy. That's why recommends the Federal Environment Agency For example, the following guide values for different living areas, which can of course be adjusted depending on the individual temperature sensation:

  • Living room: 20 to 22 degrees
  • Kitchen: around 18 degrees
  • Bedroom: 17 to 18 degrees
  • Bath: around 22 degrees

However, these temperatures only apply to times when the rooms are actively used. The heating can be turned down further at night or during longer absences. The Federal Environment Agency recommends, however, never to let the temperature drop significantly below 15 degrees. This is because low temperatures favor mold growth. In addition, heating from low temperature ranges costs more energy than maintaining a medium level.

How important is air humidity and what influence does it have on health?

The second important aspect is the humidity. It is important to know that warm air can generally bind more moisture than cold air. If there is no increased supply of moisture in heated living spaces, the relative humidity will drop. This is because, for example, cold air comes in when you ventilate the room, which can bind less moisture and therefore also brings less moisture with it. If the air is then heated up, it could absorb more moisture. But of course this moisture has to get into the air somehow. If this does not happen, the relative humidity remains low.

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This is mainly a problem because very dry air is not only uncomfortable but can also be harmful to health. On the one hand, our mucous membranes, as the first protective layer for our immune system, work less efficiently when they dry out. On the other hand, viruses have an easier game in dry air. This, in turn, is due to the fact that aerosols (a mixture of solid and liquid suspended particles that also transport viruses) become heavier when moisture is absorbed and sink more quickly to the ground. In general, the following applies: In living spaces, the humidity should ideally be between 40 and 60 percent.

How can you increase the humidity?

There are many home remedies that can be used to increase the moisture content of the air during the heating season. In addition to house plants, this includes, for example, water bowls and damp towels on the radiators or hanging freshly washed laundry to dry. The problem with all of these methods is that they are difficult to control. If the humidity is too high, the risk of mold growth increases.

A much better solution are automated humidifiers - like ours Ultrasonic humidifier TT-AH046 with remote control. This practical household helper automatically monitors the humidity and controls it by precisely emitting water vapor. This creates a feel-good climate in your home according to your specifications. The highlight: the choice between cold or warm steam and the option of adding essential oils ensure even more well-being and cosiness.

How does an ultrasonic humidifier work?

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To understand how an ultrasonic humidifier works, we first need to understand how ultrasonic devices typically work:

Ultrasonic devices convert electricity into vibrations in the air. They send out short, high-frequency impulses. Usually this technology is used with sounds and is used for example, for sensors. These emit a tone and as soon as it meets a resistance, it is thrown back. This allows such a sensor to determine how far something is away.

With ultrasonic humidifiers, a certain part is covered with water. This area then converts electronic signals (as described above) into motion. As the speed continues to increase, the water droplets can no longer hold on, which creates a small vacuum and compression of the droplets, which then causes air bubbles to form. This process is called in technical Latin: cavitation bubble implosion

When cavitation occurs, so-called broken capillary waves are created. The water droplets “break” and distribute themselves into the air. This means that they turn into vapor and are absorbed by the air, which is then given off as a fine mist by the humidifier.

By combining these two actions, ultrasonic humidifiers generate a steady water mist for hours with low energy consumption. Interestingly, these principles make ultrasonic humidifiers incredibly environmentally friendly, especially when compared to other humidification options.

But not only our humidifiers, which are particularly effective and precise in ensuring healthy humidity in your home, use this technology. Also our aroma diffusers, such as ours TT-AD002 or TT-AD004 use ultrasonic technology to atomize water and, by adding aromatic oil, also create a pleasantly scented air that not only relaxes your nasal mucous membranes, but also your soul. 

Additional air purification to breathe freely

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Air purifiers like our little one go one step further Model TT-AP001. Thanks to the particularly thorough, three-stage filtration system with HEPA cleaner, it removes 99.97 percent of all particles with a size of 0.3 micrometers or more from the air. Especially in the winter time - with increased virus levels - you can breathe a sigh of relief much more freely. Throughout the year you also benefit from the fact that allergens, dust, pollen and unpleasant odors are efficiently filtered out of the air you breathe.


It is not that difficult to ensure a better and, above all, healthier indoor climate in winter and all year round. Especially in the heating season, both your own home and the immune system benefit from fresh air with sufficient humidity. Air purifiers also ensure a healthier everyday life - especially for allergy sufferers. With practical household aids such as our air humidifier TT-AH046 and the air purifier TT-AP001, TaoTronics supports you in creating a cozy, feel-good atmosphere.

Our product recommendation for winter at home:

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TT-AH046 air humidifier with 6L water tank for 40-70m² rooms

  1. Generates warm AND cool mist: With this humidifier you get 2-in-1, which makes it perfect for year-round air humidification - in winter as in summer.
  2. Automatic balanced humidification: With an automatic hygrostat, this device automatically measures the humidity of your room and adjusts the water vapor output for optimal comfort.
  3. Essential Oils Diffuser: Would you like to add a room fragrance or do you use relaxing essential oils before bed? Then this humidifier is just right for you.
  4. 6L capacity: The large water tank creates fog for rooms up to 70 m².
  5. Remote control: This humidifier is perfect when you don't want to get out of bed. It has a remote control that can change the strength and temperature of the fog, as well as a sleep timer - and much more!

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