Die beste Beleuchtung fürs Lesen und Lernen Zuhause

The best lighting for reading and learning at home

There is nothing better than relaxing in the fresh air on a sunny day and reading your favorite book. But what if you want to read, work or study indoors - do you really need a reading lamp and if so, what do you have to look out for when choosing the right desk lamp? How do you find the best reading lamp that protects your eyes at the same time?

Buying a lamp seems like an easy task at first. Then you realize that in the discussion about the best lighting or suitable lamps you almost need your own dictionary or have to have studied it in order to understand all the technical terms. If you have looked at more than five lamps (because you have to compare!), All the features merge and you can hardly see through.

Do not worry! If you've never heard of lumen, color temperature or Kelvin ranges, you don't need to feel overwhelmed!

We at TaoTronics know that the right lighting makes all the difference when reading or studying. That's why we've put together this guide. Here you will find the best lighting tips to read as well as recommendations for the best desk lamp to study.

The importance of good lighting for reading and learning

TaoTronics TT-DL13 LED Schreibtischlampe

You may have heard that natural light is best for reading. And that is true in most cases.

Artificial lighting has only become widespread in the last 100 years. Before Alexander Lodygin invented the light bulb in 1874 - which took much longer to establish itself as lighting in everyday life - people read in the sunshine, candles and so on.

However, these forms of lighting could be quite dim. They were also only available at certain times and had a short useful life (daylight / the candle burns out). The gas lighting also had its downsides - because it could be quite dangerous at times!

In the course of the further development of artificial lighting, however, we have understood that the light with which we read can have a direct influence on how we feel and how much our eyes are challenged. An example of this development is the blue light filter on Apple iPhones - because it was found that blue light stimulates our brain and makes it harder for us to fall asleep at night.

What happens when we read in low light?

One of our best lighting tips for reading is simple: Do not read in low light!  Regardless of whether the light is natural or a dim lamp, you should try to avoid that.

There are two main reasons for this:

1. Low light can damage your eyes and cause myopia (nearsightedness).

If you can see words up close but they are blurry in the distance, you may already have myopia. This is a very common vision problem and can be easily resolved by wearing the correct glasses or contact lenses.

Some studies have shown that too dark lights and reading in low light can increase the likelihood of nearsightedness. You may have experienced it yourself after reading in low light: In dark light, your pupils dilate to be able to read the words, and when you look up, elements and texts in the distance can be blurred for a short time look.

In addition, some people get headaches when reading in too weak a light, which can be very uncomfortable and weaken concentration. Here it is all the more important to use stronger lighting.

TaoTronics TT-DL19 LED Schreibtischlampe

2. If you read in low light, you will be less efficient at learning

Studies have shown that the right lighting leads to better grades. Yes, you read that right - it's because dim lighting can impair the brain's ability to process and store data, and it can increase feelings of anxiety.

Likewise, anyone who has ever studied for an exam is aware that too bright or too bright light can prevent you from focusing. For example, if a bright light is reflected from the book page and blinds you with it, then it is very distracting and can damage the eye itself.

For optimal lighting, it is therefore very important that the reading lamp allows you to test and adjust the perfect brightness setting for your needs. Most desk lamps only have one brightness level that is either too bright or too weak. Our innovative LED table lamps have several brightness levels and color modes with which you can choose lighting that is optimally tailored to your needs and the conditions of the room.

Two features for perfect lighting

In order to understand what a good reading lamp is all about, you have to know the following two concepts or key figures:

Color temperature: Applies to LED rather than incandescent lamps. The color temperature is measured in Kelvin (K) and compared to the color in which a piece of steel glows when heated. You can find a more detailed description below.

Brightness: Is measured in lumens (lm), which indicate the power of the light. Low-energy LEDs can emit a brighter light with less power, so they have more lumens per watt. Around 450lm with a 6 to 9 watt LED light source are good all-round brightness.TaoTronics TT-DL22 LED Leselampe

How do the different color temperatures differ?

There is a huge range of color temperatures!

Less than 2000K

Emits a very warm light, similar to candlelight. It is best suited for areas and rooms that should only be dimly lit, e.g. to create a relaxing and warm ambience.


With a soft white glow that some call yellow, this light is suitable for both outdoor and indoor use. It is often found in living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms.


This is most commonly found in kitchens, offices, and “task lighting” areas. The white light looks much brighter.


Very similar to daylight and offers a blue-white glow. Ideal for workplaces and areas that require bright lighting.

6500K and more

This color temperature is most likely to be found in commercial locations and emits a bright, blue light.

The best lighting tips for reading and learning

We have already mentioned that you shouldn't read in low light, especially when studying or studying - especially when trying to absorb information. But we have more tips for you!

One tip to keep in mind is that a brighter lightbulb with a color temperature in the cooler white to daylight range is best for reading and studying. This corresponds to 4000K to 6500K. This makes you feel more alert and can concentrate better.

Also, make sure you choose the right lamp design for your work and the space in which you study. A longer LED lamp with several light bulbs distributes the light more evenly over a larger area. A conventional lamp with only one lightbulb creates more of a kind of spotlight that only keeps the light in a certain area, so you may have to move your book or study materials to always have it in the illuminated area.

More tips for choosing the perfect desk lamp

TaoTronics TT-DL056 LED SchreibtischlampeOther features that you should consider before buying a desk lamp are:

Flexibility and design

Modern lamps have the option of a flexible or rotatable arm and head so that you can easily adjust your lighting. More traditional lamps, like those often found in living rooms with a lampshade, only shed their light in a certain area in which they are placed. Our TaoTronics LED table lamps offer you not only a flexible, but also an ultra-chic and modern design.

Dimmability and color temperature

The ability to dim the reading lamp is a useful function as you only need a little extra light in the afternoon or early evening, for example. Setting the correct color temperature is also very important depending on the room, time of day and situation. Depending on whether you want to read something to relax or have to prepare for an important exam, the recommended color temperature changes from a cozy warm-white (2000K-3000K) to a white to white-blue light (3000K-6500K).

Brightness and glare protection

As suggested above, we recommend a reading lamp with a light bulb of 4000K to 6500K and a brightness of around 450 lm or 6-9 watts, especially for reading and studying. An eye-friendly desk lamp like ours TaoTronics TT-DL13 LED desk lamp also helps you to protect your eyes if you have to read or learn over a long period of time.

Energy consumption and service life

We also recommend that you pay attention to the service life of the lamps - LED lamps sometimes last up to 50,000 hours, so they only need to be changed every 6 years! That means a significantly longer lifespan - it's not only better for your wallet, but also for the environment.

Available space and price

Now to the more practical aspects of buying a desk lamp: Before buying, think about where the lamp should be placed in the room - it doesn't make sense to buy a floor lamp if you only have space on your desk. Also, the price can vary from tens to hundreds of euros. So before you buy, think about how much you want to spend on the lamp and the functions that you expect in this price range.


Choosing the right reading lamp involves more than just finding a lamp that you like. Especially if you are looking for the best desk lamp for studying, you should concentrate on the performance of the lamp in terms of lumens and color modes as well as the function of dimmability. A flexible design also helps you to adapt the table lamp to your needs and a long service life of the lamps, such as LEDs, is not only good for your wallet, but also protects the environment. The perfect lighting will not only brighten your life, but also protect your eyes at the same time, so that you always have a clear view. What more do you want!

TaoTronics TT-DL22 LED Bürolampe

TaoTronics Desk lamps have all of these features (and more!) At affordable prices. Take a look at our range now!

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